iPhone / iPad Development

Our goal at WL Technology is to deliver a product each client has in mind in a realistic timeline. We mold their ideas into wireframes / sketches, which include best practices for optimal user experience. From wireframes, we design the interfaces based on color schemes to match the client’s brand. Once designs are approved, we head into development to build the first beta version of the product. At WL Technology, we believe in giving our clients a feel of the interface on the iPhone / iPad. This will confirm the designs are locked and functional based on what the client envisioned. After designs are locked on the iPhone / iPad then we head into full development.

Development will consist of building the back-end of the product both on the server as well as the app. Once the app is functional and tested, the client will be sent a Test Flight notification that it’s ready for testing. After testing is complete, the client will send over any minor revisions based on testing. The revisions will be fixed by WL Technology and sent back over for review. Once the app is approved by the client, it will be sent off to Apple for review.

Web Development

Whether you need a website designed from scratch, built on WordPress, or a pre-designed template, WL Technology will accommodate your request. We like to break down websites into each page along with what will be displayed. This gives both the client and WL Technology an insight into which plugins, customization, and tools will be needed to complete the website. If design is needed, the Client will work directly with one of our designers to design what they had in mind. After determining what is needed for the site, we explore the options of a complete custom website, building on WordPress, and utilizing a pre-built service that would accommodate the website needs.

One on One Tutoring

As experts in Web and iOS development, WL Technology takes pride in offering one on one tutoring to aspiring developers. Do you have a child who has shown interest in development, but learns at a rapid pace? Are you an adult looking at understanding the basics of development to help manage a team? No background in development is necessary! If you’re ready to get started, one to one tutoring gives you an opportunity to learn at your own pace.

Send us a message with what you’re looking for and we will get back to you shortly.

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